What’s in a Client Visit?

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And as J K Rowling famously said, a good first impression can work wonders!

In our last post “The Race to Place”, we made it clear that setting yourself up for success from the get-go is essential if you want to build an inspirational career in recruiting. But setting yourself up for success need not be a complex and hard-to-achieve task. In this post we’re lifting out a specific focus area, and telling you a little more about why it is important and how we approach it. We’re looking at The Client Visit.

Find a formula that works

Most recipients of a sales process are instinctively suspicious of the motives of the person approaching them. In addition to that, many of us have had experiences where scantly trained or incompetent sales people have not done enough to establish what our needs really are. From that basis, it really becomes impossible to create a win-win situation. Put another way, one party ends up not winning. Nobody likes to feel like they are being ‘sold to’, rather than consulted, much less like they are walking away with a solution that doesn’t meet their business requirements. Part of your job as a recruiter is to establish clarity with your clients, and this starts with knowing your own process.

Make understanding and meeting your client needs simple by following a consistent (and preferably tried and tested) formula, one that you use as your approach for all your client meetings. This takes the guesswork out of what you are doing, and over time builds your confidence so that you can rightly focus on identifying and subsequently establishing mutual benefit. Achieving win-wins does more than set you up for a first success; it is also the foundation of lasting relationships. And those relationships are what make recruiting careers flourish.

The 7-step cycle

This is our 7-step cycle, built on years of experience in the industry. We use it to guide to client all of our client visits:

  1. Open
  2. Question
  3. Listen
  4. Clarify
  5. Sell
  6. Handle objections
  7. Close

Each step is further broken down so that the journey is very clear. If you want to read more about this cycle, you will find it explained in full in The Race To Place, a handy and easy-to-read guide for new recruiters.

A career in recruitment is unique. In the first months, the learning curve is steep and continuous. Don’t panic. Get savvy. The industry needs you.

The Race to Place is available to buy at a discounted rate of £9.99 until the end of June 2018.

waqeconsultingWhat’s in a Client Visit?

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