The Race to Place

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According to Mercer’s 2018 Global Talent Trends Study – Unlocking Growth in the Human Age, 92% of executives in the UK expect an increase in the competition for talent. “Companies need to deploy talent faster and with precision to unlock the potential of their workforce,” says Kate Bravery, Global Practices Leader in Mercer’s Career business. 96% of UK companies have innovation on their core agenda this year, and 92% are planning organisation design changes. Mercer’s study shares insights from over 7,600 senior business executives, HR leaders, and employees from 21 industries and 44 countries around the world.

It is clear that there is a race to place. Expanding the talent ecosystem is critical. But are we ready? How intently focussed are we on giving recruiters the skills and support they need to face these big and broad challenges head on?

At a glance, it may appear as though recruitment professionals are confident in what they are doing. But this is rarely the case for most recruiters, certainly when they start out. The key requirements of the role only really click around 2-3 months in, and many potentially fantastic recruiters have already left by that point. The recruitment industry is well known for its rapid and high staff turnover. To accelerate impact and see a real reduction in turnover, aspiring recruiters need to understand more about what the role entails, as well as what they need to do to be successful. And organisations need to get better at supporting and growing the recruiting talent they need.

There’s a huge opportunity for organisations and individual recruitment professionals to improve performance and boost career prospects. This is exactly what encouraged me to pull together The Race To Place, a guide for aspiring recruiters that offers a lowdown of the sales process, and a heap of tips and techniques to get into the race and to stay in it. The guide is based on my extensive experience in the recruiting industry (over 30 years).

Given the demand for labour continues to be robust, according to The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), it’s a good time to enter the world of recruiting, and to polish up those skills for the badge of ‘successful recruiter’. The race is on!

The Race to Place is available to buy at a discounted rate of £9.99 until the end of June 2018, via Melrose Books.

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