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Waq'e Consultants offers training across all aspects of the sales journey, whether generating enquiries via telephone cold calling, or converting prospects into long-standing customers.

Our skill set includes expertise in recruitment telephone sales training. Although some may feel that modern business is evolving into a social media-led, electronic society, the most successful recruitment companies and recruiters are the ones who spend the most time interacting verbally.

We offer sales training to groups either in-house or at a suitable conference location, and to individual delegates. 

If your team, or someone within your team, could benefit from a refresher or in-depth training on:

  • Telephone sales
  • Handling and succeeding at client meetings
  • Presentation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Any aspect of recruitment sales

– we can help.

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After 33 years in the recruitment industry, 18 of which were at managing director level, I decided it was time to set up my own consultancy to support the profession I love: recruitment.

This new venture offers consultancy support, leadership mentoring and sales training within the recruitment agency sector.

It also offers advice and guidance to in-house recruitment teams within all sectors, whether public or privately held, and to companies of all sizes.

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