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The Race to Place

This book is a must-read for those embarking on a career in recruitment. Take advantage of Geoff Sims’ years of experience to help you sell and place better.

The Race to Place Book by Geoff Sims Waqe Consulting-01

“When I started working in recruitment more than 30 years ago, things were very different. There was no internet, mobile phones, customer relationship management or candidate databases, and very little compliance by way of legislation regarding verification of candidate eligibility.

The key measures back then were the number of interviews arranged with clients, or the number of temporary worker starters each week. That was the only information a manager was interested in, and the only data that could be easily provided.

Most of this technology makes life easier for the consultant today, but the combination of all makes focusing on outcomes more of a challenge.

Today, a recruitment consultant is measured on every part of their role. If the focus is on achieving the outcomes as a priority, other performance measures will take care of themselves.

The fundamentals of recruitment consultancy have not changed, but everything else has. This book covers the basic sales activities, tips and techniques that form the backbone of a successful career in this sector, and is a must-read for those embarking on a career in recruitment.”

Geoff spent many years as a judge of the European Call Centre and Customer Service Awards, and currently sits on the council for the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) in the East of England.

He appears regularly on BBC East as a commentator on local employment trends and issues. He is also proud to be part of Leeds University Business School Management division’s Leaders in Residence Programme.

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