Exceeding Expectations

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You can’t expect your employees to exceed the expectations of customers if you don’t exceed your employees’ expectations of management. These are the words of long-time twice Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz. Over his years at the helm, Schultz turned the coffee company into a progressive force, providing above-average benefits, including health insurance to eligible full and part-time workers, and ‘bean stock’, making employees partners in the company. Starbucks has a 45-year track record, growing from a humble 17 stores in 1987 when Schultz took over, to more than 28 000 locations today in 77 countries. Starbucks is very clear on their commitment to learning and development. Their “Barista Basics Training” is aimed at new hires and builds confidence in delivering amazing service.

Starbucks is certainly not the only company making learning a priority from the get-go. Amazon offers a month-long training and leadership programme prior to hire, and they prepay 95% of the tuition of courses offered in ‘high-demand’ fields.

“We want our employees to be owners from day one, so we train them to take ownership over products and services that impact millions of customers. This helps them pioneer a career at Amazon.”

– Teal Pennebaker, Corporate Comms Manager

Paychex, a provider of integrated human capital management solutions for payroll, HR, retirement and insurance services, recruits mostly customer service, call center and outside sales positions. They offer customized new-hire training programs for sales and service employees, with virtual learning starting at the employee’s home base. This continues with instructor-led training at their state-of-the-art training facility in New York.

At Disney, new hires are connected to purpose before any other training takes places. The very first class, taken by all new ‘cast members’ irrespective of role or level, is called Traditions. It services to orientate new hires to the big picture of the organisation, ensuring that they know how and where they fit in.

When new hires join your organisation, they have a small window to make a big impact. And what you do for them can make a critical difference to their success and the prosperity of the company.  In our experience, in the recruitment field, we have room to grow. Many new recruitment consultants leave their posts before they really build the confidence to start making a tangible impact. And this could be easily be solved by giving them access to the basics in early training – such as how to make sales calls, how to prepare for client meetings, and how to handle objections.

The question is – are we really setting our new recruitment consultant hires up for success, and what can we do to change that? Is it time we started to exceed expectations?

We’d like to hear your thoughts.

At Waqe Consulting we provide consultancy support, leadership mentoring and sales training within the recruitment agency sector. We have also authored and released The Race To Place, a handy and easy-to-read guide for new recruiters.


waqeconsultingExceeding Expectations

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